Connecting a keyboard

can i connect a keyboard to wd tv live hd? i have playon on my pc and i stream it wired to the wdtvhd. playon allows me view streaming videos through wdtvhd on my tv. one of the streaming sites that playon uses is veehd allows the user to search for movies by catagories or by video name or tag. i would like to be able to use a keyboard to type in this search instead of having to lookup each letter and key it in, this can be a slow process and i was hoping if i connect a keyboard i could just type in the letters. thanks

You’re in the wrong forum.

Yes, the WDTV Live (with Beta Firmware) and Live+ do support generic USB keyboards.

However, that’s not going to fix your problem.   It’s not going to send Keystrokes to PLAYON, because DLNA doesn’t support that type of interaction.

(looks like it got moved to the right forum. :slight_smile: )