Connecting 2tb My Passport Ultra with usb extension?

Can 2tb My Passport ultra be connected with an usb extension cable? If so what kind - usb 3 or do I have to get Micro-USB 3.0 Cable, EZOPower USB 3.0 Cable/Cord

2tb My Passport ultra will be connecting to HP desktop computer running windows 8.1 and an Acer One 10 (switcher 2) running windows 10

Hello there,

I have not tried this, although portable USB drives have a shorter USB cable, but lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Thanks for the reply back ArMak
I will keep checking back here to see if anyone else has further insight on this question

I have been unable to use My Passport Ultra with a usb hub, so I don’t know if an extension will work. When I try to use the hub, My Passport will sit and click while running and running and running…then I have difficulty ejecting it. When I tried this, I had to do a system restore (twice!) to get everything working again. However, My Passport works fine if I unplug the hub, plug in My Passport, do a backup, eject My Passport, then plug the hub back in.