Connecting 2 devices on my router

Hi, i’m connecting 2 devices on my router, which is a modem and also access point at the same time. When I connect these 2 devices (wd my cloud) the wifi signal just disappears. Anybody can help me please? Thank you!!

There shouldn’t be a problem; I have two devices connected to my modem/router/WiFi router.

Have you left them as DHCP, or given them unique IP addresses?
Have you given them unique names?

The WD my cloud has no wifi capabilities, so it will never interfere with it.

Have you read the Modem User Manual or talked with your ISP?


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My router is from “Sagemcom” ( The dhcp service is configured to assign directions from to And the “WD devices” have a static IP adress ( and
When I connect them all the router stops working, I hope you can help me.
Thanks a lot.

What happens if you let the router allocate IP addresses for the MyClouds using DHCP?

That’s what I do. Then I go to my router, and set the DHCP timeout to be infinite. This prevents the need for mucking about with static IP addresses, subnet masks, DNS server addresses, etc. But still ensures that the MyCloud IP addresses don’t change.

It’s a home network. Just how many dynamic addresses are you likely to need on your network at any one time (out of the 251 you have made available)? BTW, I assume your router is Are you sure it doesn’t have some other function within the router that is allocated to or .3? Like a file server or media server?

Whilst it’s nice to be able to get things to do them the way you want to, sometimes, it’s just easier to be less rigid, and use something that works

yeap, it sounds like one of them might have a dup IP or wrong static settings.
But this will cause LAN issues, not just wifi. So original description is misleading.
Is the DHCP pool by default? If it is, that would be a big clue.
Also try one at a time to see which device is causing the issue or set both to DHCP as suggested in previous post

You appear to be using a POS router for which the manufacturer pretty much refuses to publish a user manual…

The website you linked just goes round in circles…

Fortunately, the FCC seem to publish the user manual, probably as part of their device qualification testing reports…

Unfortunately, that’s still only a bare bones manual, and doesn’t give any description of how to set the thing up, or what IP addresses it uses, other than

Sounds like you’re using the gateway provided by your ISP. Put it in bridge mode, and by a real router.

Static ip I heard for the first time coz I am a new user.

I am surprised no one has said yet: You cannot connect a MODEM to a router. No ISP allows for that, and besides, it is the router that connects to the modem! A router can be connected to another router (that is connected to a modem.)

I think you have misunderstood. The OP has a combined cable modem/router box, as supplied by their ISP. They were trying to connect two MyCloud devices to it. Five months ago…

Perhaps, although the post showed up as a recent comment per the Latest listing. This showing of old posts as newly commented on is weird. Happens to often.

Is there also?

What are you asking?

That address is a local IP address, very likely allocated by the DHCP server in the router.

The range of IP addresses allocated by a router depends on the make and model of the router, and the way it is configured. So the IP addresses of devices on a local network will not be the same.