Connected with https or not?

Hi All.

After the last WD2go server crash I just remote logged on again.

Then I noticed that the URl is changing between https:// and http:// during login – using the interfaces – and logout.

Perhaps the site has always behaved like this or there is no other way in connecting to the Mycloud, I am not a IT tech so I honestly do not know.

I’m using windows 7 ultimate and Windows Explorer 11 with the latest version of Java installed.

What happens ;  going to the WD2go website the URL starts with https://

Entering your credentials and click on the Sign in button shows our MyCloud with https://

Then after clicking on the Mycloud to get access to your Mycloud the URL changes to http://


Entering your password to connect to the MyCloud  the URL shows http://

During the usage of the map drives created when you click on Open in explorer the URL stays http://

After log off the URL changes to https:// again

Now does that mean that during the time that you are connected with the Mycloud the connection is not secure? If that is the case that is no good because your most probably are using a foreign computer when using the WD2go site and/or you are not on your own local network.

Again perhaps this has always been the way to remotely connect to the Mycloud I just noticed this and wondered if this is okay?


Must be okay than :-).