Connected laptop power supply to WD My Book - assistance needed

In short: I connected a 19V laptop power supply to my WD My Book 8TB, plugs are exactly the same.
Only 20 sec, but it killed the 12V drive.

Bougt in 2017-Nov.
Harddisk is: WD80EZZX-11CSGA0

Does anyone have any indications of typical damage and pitfalls?

I know the older threads here, but ask about this particular hard drive.

My account was on hold for 3 days, because of “first post”.

In the meantime, I could easily find and measure the TVS and fuse. The 12V channel was destroyed, as noticed by fzabkar.
I could fix that. All data are saved!

Now I tend to more practical question:. Had problems to unsolder the TVS. Like to try a rom-swap (possible in-circuit?). … Do you know a board for this questions?

Btw, a more personal note:

While I know in the end it was my fault,
I’m absolutely surprised and disappointed in WD.
Western Digital knows this pitfall for more than 10 years.
I bought mine 6 years after fzabkar notes.

And still they sell this drive with the same PLUG.
The drive constructed to be used on a desk, less than 1m near a laptop (USB cord).
And the only other power-cord on this desk has the same plug, looks exactly the same and destroys the drive completely.