Connected but Unable to play anything

So I have a solid connection . It sees my videos and files however it will not play them for some reason. After I checked my connection I have a green check mark in the Ip address box and in the DNS box and also the Internet connection box. All three have passed but I am still unable to play any files. I have Mkv,avi,mp3 and 4. The files show up but when I go to pick one the next screen I get is the small round circle arrow that keeps circling like it is working but no video files play. It did recently do an update of the box and I saw that it worked for a short time but then it has stopped all to gether. It is a nice box to have but it is a headace if it does not work correctly. Any one have any ideas ? I am using it as a Wireless Connection.

You could do a reset to factory defaults and see if that cures your problem.
How are you playing your files, from a connected disc or via a network?
If via a network are you using media server or network shares?
It may be that you have ‘bad’ files. If you play a bad file the player will hang up on all files until you re-power the player.
Can you use YouTube etc.

I can connect both YouTube and FaceBook. Local starage also works fine .However even though I am going through Network/Window Shares everything appears like it is connected through wireless. It does see all of the files that I am sharing but for some odd reason nothing plays. I can even get on to my Hulu account and play shows through there also.


  I un-plugged the unit for a few min and then plugged everything back in. It reconnected to the wireless rougter and seems to be working again. Thank you for helping me out " richUK". After more than 20 views I expected more replies but I bet there are a few folks out there that had the same problem I had experienced.