Connect to WDTV with Windows


I am having trouble viewing content on my network by connecting to WDTV through Windows. How can i do this? Thanks

Mudblood, perhaps the following articles may be able to assist you:

Answer ID 3787: How to share a folder in Windows for the WD TV Live Family

Answer ID 3792: Unable to access the Windows 7 Media Server with the WD TV Live Family


excuse me, can you tell me what is this and how do i get a password for it ?

That’s the web dashboard.

It’s all explained in the manual.  The password (also given in the manual) is “admin”.

thanx m8, can i asscces/watch my files from another computer outside my network ?

like a live stream…

It’s complicated to do so, but yes, it’s possible. Assuming, too, that you have lots of Internet bandwidth between the two…