Connect to VPN = all shares on the whole network disappear from WDTV


Desktop-PC running Windows 7

Media-PC running Windows 7

All wired to gigabit switch

WDTV is able to see network shares on both PCs and play media without any problems whatsoever.

If I connect to my work VPN (Microsoft PPTP client) on the Desktop-PC, the WDTV will NOT see shares on ANY of the two PCs though I can see them fine on the Desktop-PC from the Media-PC and vice versa.

I was having this problem before I got the Media-PC and I figured that having my media share on a separate PC from my Desktop-PC would solve the problem but apparently not.

Any ideas?  This is really frustrating…



After doing some additional research, I have figured out what is happening.  If the Desktop-PC is the master browser on the network, connecting to my work VPN prevents the WDTV from getting it’s browse list.  This is why all the shares disappear.   Rebooting the Desktop-PC caused the Media-PC to become the master browser.  After this change, it makes no difference if the VPN is connected or not on the Desktop-PC, the WDTV will still see the shares.

I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed in the WDTV or not.   Previously, I was able to see shares between the PCs regardless of which PC was the master browser while connected to the VPN.  It was only an issue with the WDTV being able to see them.  Perhaps the WDTV uses an older version of samba?  I know 3.6 supports SMB2 protocol.  Perhaps that might solve a lot of these weird networking problems people are having.

Hope this information is helpful to the development team!