Connect to seperate folder network share

Hello ,

I got a NAS device where i share Photo , Video and Music folders.

If is select the option on my WD Tv Live Hub to connect to a network share then i get to see all those folders …

So if i go to the menu videos it would also let me see the map photo and music … and so on.

When i select videos in the wdtv menu i want to see the map video , music should show map music and so on…

I would be able to make diffrent user account for my nas … so the wdtv it does a login under a name that only shows video and so on…

But as the wd tv remembers only 1 last network share (password) i cant make every menu option to connect thru a different account  on the same network share.

Is there a solution for this … so i can display the folder(s)  i want (or login under other account) on every menu item inside wdtv?


Erule, your post sounds more like a good Feature Request; best placed in the Ideas Exchange section. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it and will allow more users to support your idea. However, I would first search and make sure that there are no other active Feature Requests suggesting the same or similar improvements. If there is, then you could add your post and vote on it.

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