Connect to http://wdmycoud


I have a problem connecting to http://wdmycloud . Cannot find the DNS . When I look up the ip-adress en go there i get the following error.

{“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

Can some one help me maybe? Eventually I want to connect it to my sonos player.

Ik have a my cloud home and am using windows 10

Thank you for the answer.

Does this mean that I cannot link it to my Sonos player? And what about all the options for giving a name, energy etc. The application on my iphone does not provide that.

I am able to connect and see the content via de app on my iphone and webbrowser.

hi, I am facing the same issue. Is it resolved? what is de app ?

I am using the PLEX application to listen the music through my SONOS. It works well enough, but I am not completely happy yet…

Yes, Plex can be used with Sonos per the following KBA
The UNC path for My Cloud Home (local only play) would be something like \MYCLOUD-380052\Public

I just bought the my cloud home I am unable to access my dashboard. And when I mean that I am unable to access it, I mean i’m not even brought to the login screen. I can see mycloud as a shared drive in my windows explorer, and see only the public folder under the network side. But I need access to the dashboard to setup shares, expand the memory through the usb connection and more. Help!


Im am unable to log into http://wdmycloud.local/ I can log in via the WD Cloud and drag drop files on to Cloud Home and access via the mobile app. The error is {“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”} when using IP address, using hrttp://wdmycload/local does not work either.

Any ideas how to fix this.
Thank you

The reason I chose My Cloud Home Duo over My Cloud Home is because I value the safety of my data VERY MUCH.
Even RAID 1 is not going to help me prevent my drives from failing forever
There has to be a way I can access the S.M.A.R.T statistics of the drives in my My Cloud Home
But currently WD drive utilities is not able to recognize My Cloud Home drives, and My Cloud Home has no Dashboard which was supposed to provide such critical health monitoring features,so dear dear WD Staff:
Should I wait till they fail ?