Connect office laptop to home network

Hi Guys

I’ve recently bought a MyBookLive 2TB to share files between all my home devices ( Media PC, kid’s laptops, etc etc) and to back up my company laptop automatically when working from home.

The problem I have is that my company laptop is part of the office domain whereas the MyBookLive is on my home workgroup, and I cannot connect the two together. 

I can ping the MyBook from my laptop and enter the admin page by typing the ip address into IE, but i cannot map a drive to it.  Any suggestions?

Good question, was going to be my next one as well. Sorry I can’t help, but this would be really useful. Both my wife and I work for corporates and often work from home and I’d like for both of us to be able to have backups of our work laptops at home. Maybe this is more of a networking question than a MBL question but any help would be appreciated, maybe even a pointer to some good forums that would be able to help answer this.

Thank you in advance.

If you can’t map it by IP, then it’s possible the work laptop has a security policy that prevents it.

When home, if all machines connected to same router/network/LAN, and NOT in a VPN, you should be able to map/connect whether you are on or not on the same group/domain

However, you will need to do it via name or IP.



If \ such as \ does not work, as TonyPH12345 said…

BTW, test it manually, NOT via the software that comes with MBL.