Connect JBOD drive to windows or My Cloud by USB

So I have a single JBOD drive that was in the WD my cloud 2 and I want to connect it to either the WD My Cloud or the Windows PC via USB. I connected it through the platine of a My Cloud element drive but the My cloud does not recognize it as an USB drive and Windows wants to initialize it under disc management. The problem is, that I want to access the Data on it to copy it to the new drives in the NAS. Any way to do this?

The alternative would be to insert it back in the My cloud and copy it to another external drive that is now emptying but that would take more time.

Hello there,

On this case, the internal drives on the My Cloud is Formatted on a Ext 4 partition which is visible on a Linux operating system, Lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Thank you this already helped me. Testdisk allowed me do access the files but I can’t directly write to the NAS with that but I will take a step inbetween through my local HDD.