Connect directly MBL to Laptop

Any suggestion as to how to connect MBL directly to laptop so that fast write speed can be acheived.

It takes very long tym to transfer files to MBL on network.

As WD have claimed that the actual speed is faster then the USB2.0 and firewire 800.

They say its close to USB 3.0 speed .

Kindly help 

Thanks in advance

OS:  Windows Vista 

Well, in general, it’s as easy as just plugging an ethernet cable between your laptop and one of the LAN ports on your router…

I tried to connect directly to Lan port of laptop.

But cant find drive in windows explorer.

Do we need to give static IP to device?

If yes …what should be the IP given?

Since my wireless network IP is in range of and Lan is very different like 69.109.XX.XX  (Cant remember exactly ) .

Kindly suggest!!!

Thanks and Regards,