Connect and sync between multiple My Cloud devices

Hi WD and community

Are there any plans to allow multiple WD My Cloud devices to be able to be connected with one another and able sync data between themselves? I understand safepoints which is a basic backup solution but with regards to having mirrored data at different sites via multiple Cloud devices sounds more of a ‘cloud’ solution than a single NAS which really isnt a ‘cloud’.

I know people can use SSH and resync to sync between devices, but surely WD can come up with a more elegant and user friendly solution that makes My Cloud a unique consumer cloud solution to put them above the competition.

I would guess if WD My Cloud could do this, people would buy more than one device to host their data. I certainly would.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Particular WD staff?


Just FYI, the My Cloud EX4 does support remote backups.

In a typical sense, though, I don’t think 99% of budget-minded consumers would even have the wherewithal to do remote placement of another device.

But, of course, YMMV…

I suggest Bit Torrent Sync. It works on ARM chips and works a charm.

Its in Beta but has been solid for a few days for me.

Of course you need to enable ssh to your WDCloud to install it.