Connect a my cloud mirror to Samsung smart tv's

Hi All,
I am trying to access my WD My Cloud Mirror through my 2 Samsung smart Tv’s but cannot seem to access them despite following all of the information on the forum and making changes in the settings on the Dashboard.
Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Ensure your public Folder is accessible - Shares/Public/Media Serving = ON
    Keep in mind that a User(s) needs to also also have User Access = Read

  2. Turn Settings/Media/ Media Streaming ON

  3. On the Smart TV press button for TV Menu, then select MEDIA and you will see network media available including ‘MyCloudMirror’ - select that - then you will see the public available media in 3 folders:

From here you can access whatever you shared.
PS - it helps to have some good Blues music to make all this smooth. :sunglasses: