Connect 2GB My Cloud directly through ethernet to laptop


I’m wondering if anyone could help me with my 2GB WD My Cloud.
I cannot access the My Cloud with a direct connection through ethernet with my laptop.
I’m pretty sure that I had this possibility on my last laptop (bought a new one for a couple of days) and I have no idea why it is not working now. My new laptop supports a gigabit connection, but it is not detecting the NAS when it’s directly connected with the ethernet cable.

I tried to find some solutions on google, but nothing’s suitable/working for me.

Many thanks,

Please close this topic.
There was an issue with my drivers. Everything is working now fine.


Can you please share the solution to your issue. This might help other users in the future.

Sure, but it was nothing special. I had only to reinstall my LAN driver. Dell hasn’t provided the drivers dorectly for win7, but win10. So I downloaded the one for win10 and it is now working on my win7.
Mapping the network drive went easy.

As said - nothing special. Just a tip for the others: always check your ethernet port if it’s working fine :slightly_smiling:

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