Confusion at its finest

Hey Guys… So ive received the wd TV 1tb hub system as a gift from the wife, I’m trying to set this thing up but no go.  Ive got windows XP, a wireless network, with the router in the garage, And for some reason the only way I can connect this wd TV to transfer files is to connect it directly to the router in the garage, with a Ethernet cable… The question is, will I have to do this every time to load on files onto the hub? Take it to the garage?  There has got to be a way to connect this thing directly to my PC And just transfer files as if it was a simple ext drive, no??? I tried using a cord with two USB connections at either end And my computer didn’t recognize it, didn’t see it anywhere…

sorry in advance, I’m brutal with these things… I just want have it set up, And maybe be able to take it over to a buddies place And have him load it up with content…

so the question is: how do I connect And read it on my PC? And if I want to just leave it connected to the TV at all times, I would need a wifi adapter or something?

The HUB was intended to be connected to your NETWORK.  

You can do it with the built-in wired Ethernet, or optional WIRELESS network.

No, you cannot connect it directly to your PC via USB.

ok so the optional wireless network? how do i set that up? guessing id need to purchase a wfi adapter?

I cant even connect the hub to my computer through a ethernet cable? i tried that and nothing? the only way i can see it is when i connect it to the router in the garage

Yes, you can add a WiFi adapter.   The compatible ones are listed HERE:

Pay CRUCIAL attention to the VERSION / REVISION column, as those are the ONLY ones that WD tested as compatible.  Even a slight difference can mean it WILL NOT WORK.

You CAN hook it directly to a PC using a CROSSOVER ethernet cable, but you’ll need to understand how to configure both PC and HUB to work without the router doing the DHCP addresses, etc.

i tried connecting the hub to the pc with a crossover cable the other day and the pc didnt recognize it either, is there somewhere i can read on how to do that? i’ve been looking around at different things all morning and nothing… thanks for your help… super quick

sorry… crossover ethernet and usb cables, both werent recognized

If you plug it directly to the PC you will end up tinkering with the network stuff a lot, like setting up static IP addresses and network masks, or dynamic IP addresses and the DHCP servers and such. The router takes care of all that stuff for you (that’s its job) and that’s why the hub works when plugged into the router. Best bet is to run an ethernet cable from the hub to the router, or to search out and buy a wi-fi dongle that’ll work.

As always, XP seems to get along better with new things on the network best when the new thing has the Workgroup name properly set to the same workgroup name as your PC. Do that via the hub setup, networking area.

ya i guess that would work, but i guess it would just slow down the transfer rates, nothing is as fast when its directly connected…

well thanks for your help