Confused & Need Info

Someone please tell me how to use this drive to store files on. I didn’t buy it for backups. I just want to transfer files & store them for awhile. But because of the stupid software, I can’t even create a folder. I don’t consider myself very computer literate but I can usaully figure things out on my own without making too big of a mess but this thing has got me stumped.

And what is VCD?

Thanks - Tobelyn


Yes, it confused me too at first. I was setting it up for a business and wondered “what the heck”.

When I took it home to test on my laptop then I realized the WD drive is partitioned into 2 drives

  1. CD Drive (drive letter) WD Smartware drive
  2. My Passport

so if you just want to back up without using their software then create a folder on the “My Passport” partition.

If you  never want to use their software for back up then you could repartiton the drive into one partition and format etc.

Hope this helps.


The VCD contains some software, utilities, and manuals.  It just sits there unless you want to use SmartWare or use the data encryption feature.   You don’t have to install SmartWare if you don’t plan on using it.  And if you have installed SmartWare, then you can uninstall it if you don’t like it.  If you open the drive itself, it’s just one big bit bucket.  You can copy and paste data directly into it just like any ordinary drive.  SmartWare won’t allow you to create anything.  It will backup everything based on the file extensions it’s programmed to back up.

I’m in the same boat as the OP.  My internal HD is near full (approaching what was once, at least,  the recommended minimum free space of 10%).  I simply wanted an external HD onto which I could transfer things such as audio and graphic files (the content of "My Pictures for example) and even install programs if I was so moved so as to increase (and preserve) the size of the available free space on my internal drive.

As I think I’m beginning to understand, with the WD software installed, this drive can only serve as the backup drive in support of that function.  Have I got that right?

If so, I apparently need to uninstall the software and re-format this external hard drive.  Either that or buy another for that use as well.  Have I got that right?

On edit:  I think I’ve answered my own question as I was able to “move” an entire directory from my “internal” to the “My Passport” partition of the external.

Exactly.  You can still use the drive in conjunction with SmartWare.  It’s not like Time Machine.  The drive does NOT have to be dedicated to the backup software.  It may seem like that’s the case, but it’s not.  You can copy and paste files into the drive at any time.