Confused about users

I set up my WD Cloud drive tonight.  First, I must have clicked through the screen about changing the admin password and I cant see how to change it now?  When I look at users, I see the two users I set up, but I don’t see a user named admin.  Should admin be listed on the user page?  If so, why don’t I see it?  If not, how do I change the admin userid/password?

Second question…when I access the WD Cloud drive using my laptop and a browser via the IP address, it makes me enter a userid and password, which is what I want.  When I log out and try to log on with the other user credentials (trying to test out the security), I can’t log on…why is that?

The first user setup becomes the admin user. Should have a green check mark.

It is not clearing the credentials. Be sure all connections from the 1st user are disconnected. You may need to reboot and/or clear the credentials

Windows only allows a single user connection to a remote device at a time

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