Confused about TV Play and TV Live

I had a WDTV Live on my network and could access all the files I needed, when I put the WDTV Play online, it cannot be found on the network… any ideas?

The WDTV Play uses “Media Shares”  using DLNA Compliant Software (eg. Twonky, TVersity etc)

Page 24:

"Network Shares" are not supported on the WDTV Play

(The WDTV Live / WDTV Live Hub / WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) support both Network Shares and Media Shares)

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Let me clarify; I can access the media through the TV and get to all files, Netflix etc. I am trying to see the device with my PC so that I can move files from PC to NAS on the TV Play 

As Joey already said, that cannot be done with the Play.   The WDTV Live supported network shares via Samba.   The Play does not.

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As hardware has plenty. Wdtv play samba shares would support in firmware update?