Confused about NTFS permissions for Passport 2Tb


I hope a nice easy question about NTFS security and permissions for someone!

I intend to reformat my 2Tb Passport drive using NTFS and using an allocation size of 8192 as it will be holding large files around 4-5Gb each.
I want to easily be able to move my passport files between my 3 computers and be able to write and read to all folders without needing to be the administrator each time.

I am confused about how and what to set things to using Windows 10.

I have done a dummy run and it does not look correct.
Currently, my ‘dummy run’ PROPERTIES show security as:
USERS (My PC name)

The OWNER is currently set to SYSTEM

Could someone kindly clarify what I need to change (and to what) in order to make easy access on this portable drive?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, is your computer on a domain? I ask, because you shouldn’t need to change the permissions of a USB drive in order to use it on different computers even if is not the admin.

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Hi lluna

Thanks for your reply. No, it’s not on a domain, I just keep my 3 computers at different locations.

So, are you saying that I can just format it using the ‘normal’ formatting method - and it will be able to be read/written on each of the 3 computers?

I normally format using Control Panel; Administrative Tools; Computer management; Disk management; Format. (Not using a ‘Quick Format’)

Hi, I have around 6 computers and I always format my external drives on my main computer and then everything is able to see the external drives without a problem. I actually just right click from computer and format from there, also perform using the quick format option.

Thanks for the tip!

I was sort of surprised that WD always seem to go for Quick Format. I would have expected fully format to be safer.

Well, I would use the full format if I had data on the drive that I must destroy before giving the external drive away or sending it for replacement.

Thanks again lluna !