Conflict with Smartware and Thunderbird

This issue began with an issue between trying to delete emails and the Smartware. There was such a long delay between trying to delete an email and the refresh of the Thunderbird screen that emails would end up in both the trash and the inbox because they would not be deleted properly. In an attempt to correct this, I suppressed the backup of Mail in smartware. This did help the problem but it’s still there. I discovered today by removing the check of the “other” box thus suppressing the backup of Other, the problem in Thunderbird goes away. Further investigation showed that the Other category contains the backup of Thunderbird profiles. Is there a way to stop this particular folder from being included in the Other category. I don’t want to lose the additional items that are being backed up by removing the “other” category. I just want to remove the Thunderbird profiles from being backed up. Thanks for the help.

Did you ever got help with this issue?