Conflict EX4100 and PR4100 on same network

Hi WD Community,

Just received this day my new PR4100, set it up fine and migrated my EX4100 raid to it. Worked like a charm. Both NAS are recognized and can be accessed from the network, no problem.
BUT… when trying to access my EX4100 dashboard (from the network IP), i get the EX4100 login page, i connect and it connects me via wdremote to the PR4100. I tried from different browsers, same problem, i can’t access my EX4100.
Only solution found, i need to switch of the PR4100 and it connects. But then, the problem is reversed, I connect to the EX4100, but not anymore to the PR4100. I may have missed something somewhere. Any idea ?
Thank you,

  1. Assign different static IP addresses to each device. (Preferably from the router; but can be done from the device). (Once you do this. . .reboot the router)

  2. Ensure both devices have DIFFERENT device names. If they are both called “MyCloud”; then weird things can happen. Calling one PR4100 and the other EX4100 will work. Or you can call them “Fred” and “Barney”. The key is to have every device on your network with with unique names.