Configuring the dlna server

I’m having problems playing tracks in the correct order.  If I have a CD with say 15 tracks, I want it to start with track number 1 and then proceed through the tracks in numerical order, but they are not played in this order.  As far as I can tell they are played in alphabetical order of title, but I may be wrong.  All my music files are named in the correct order, e.g 01-xxxx to 15-xxxx.

How can I get tracks to be played in the correct order?

Depends on the player.

But when used with previous dlna servers the player has played in the correct order.

Your music files have metadata tags embedded? Either edit or remove them using the pc, then rebuild Twonky http://wdmycloud:9000/rpc/rebuild

That’s impossible.  I have 1.6TB of music files.  I can’t edit the tags.

Mass remover? Like

That might be an option, but it would be better if one could configure Twonky, or replace it with a different dlna server.  Is that possible?

No such config IIRC. You can try each of those navigation tree see if it helps, http://wdmycloud:9000/#setup 

Your previous dlna player server doesn’t read metadata, so it’s sorted by filenames.

You can try the light weight minidlna on my signature see if it suits you.

Sorry I can’t help much as I cleaned all the tags on my libraries including videos.

Do you mean that I can put minidlna (or even some other server) on mycloud in place of Twonky?  If so I’d be very grateful for pointers to how I do that.

Sorry.  I see that the link you have does that.

It would involve messing around with the ssh terminal. If something goes wrong it could brick the nas and possibly void your warranty. Avoid at all cost if you have no experience in shell.

The firmware v4 onwards requires specially patched binaries in order to work so you can’t easily replace the dlna server. Some choose to replace with minidlna as it is light weight eg. no video thumbnails generation and some other reasons…