Configuring my home setup

Hi, a little background.

I got a My Cloud a year and a half ago to make our lives more simple. I was hoping for a centralized location for Files, Music and Photos. Between fighting with phones and a windows 10 update, I’ve failed miserably! I had file’s and photos everywhere with MULTIPLE duplicates!

In the last month, we’ve basically started over
…I’m in the final steps of getting everything we have stored in 1 place…so now I want to make sure I do it right!

For devices I have:
2 laptops with fresh windows 7 installs
2 New Samsung Galaxy S8’s
1 2TB My Cloud
1 Wife & 500GB Data

What I want:

  1. Synchronized file’s between both computers. The ability to pick up either PC and manage documents, photos, music or videos.

  2. Photos stored in a central location that updates are reflected on both pc’s after being downloaded from the phones when they sync.

  3. All of the data backed up. Obviously if I use the Cloud as a network drive for both computers, I need it backed up…like a reverse process.

Is this possible with what I have? What’s the easiest way to accomplish this?

Thank You!!!

Yes it is possible. Start by reading the My Cloud User Manual (WD My Cloud Support) if you haven’t already. The User Manual explains how to use the My Cloud and its features. There are general directions to syncing data between computers and the My Cloud and backing up computers to the My Cloud.

Some have reported problems trying to use WD Sync to sync multiple computers into a single Share/Folder on the My Cloud. One may have better luck with third party sync software like Free File Sync ( for local syncing to a single central repository.

Thanks for the direction.

I tried WD Sync last night with a single 25MB test folder and I can easily get it to sync with the Cloud, but I can’t get it to sync on the other PC. I also downloaded Freefilesync, but didn’t get a chance to read any instructions, but it looks pretty in depth?

One can use the forum search feature (if they haven’t already) to see past discussions where users had trouble trying to get WD Sync to properly sync multiple computers to a single WD Sync repository. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

While the online instructions for Free File Sync may seem daunting and in depth. The program, once you understand how it works, is pretty simple and straight forward. Typically you select the source folder on the left side, target destination on the right. Then you can choose; Two Way, or Mirror, or One Way as the file transfer option.