Concerned about new firmware flashing. Should I?

Okay After reading the firmware boards I am a bit concerned about firmware flashing.

I want to get some direction on if I hsould just leave this alone or if I should go for it.

3 WDTVLive SMP boxes all running 1.12 firmware right now.

Connecting wirelessly (until I move into my new house where they all will be wired and I will be adding 2 more boxes) to a Synology NAS for a media library of over 500 movies.

Used Mojo Theme which I am in the process of color modifying -

In the middle of generating thumbgen for these movies.

Most all movies in mkv containers using either mpeg4 (new) or avi/xvid (older movies)

Usually I just flash on up to the latest firmware but after looking at the firmware forums I am a bit leery about it.

Any of the forum regulars have an opinion on if i should just leave the setup alone or flash up to the new one?

Are you happy with what you have got, if you are then stay where you are.

Well I am not 100% but overall I think its running okay. I really wanted to get the x32 ff support. that has been a long time issue with me. Also some of the things i was hoping owuld help my general use like this one - Resolved user interface lags when the network connection is being established. and things of that nature.

So If you ask if I am 100% happy with how it is? No I am not. Is it liveable? Yes it is. Is it something I am wanting to put on 1.13? Yes it is. Is it something I am comfortable won’t be messing up what I find ot be liveable with something worse off? No I am not. That is why I have some to the court of public opinion.

Well you could always try it and if you don’t like it you can rollback to what you have.