Computers can’t find the HDD WD20EARX

I’ve bought a WD20EARX HDD. The problem is that the computers can’t find the HDD. I’ve installed it on XP and Windows 7 computers and also by SATA or SATA TO USB. I’ve turn off RAID configuration and AHCI in my BIOS. The HDD is visible in my BIOS but not in disk management or device management. I don’t know it anymore, can someone help me because I’m frustrated after 4 evenings troubleshooting. Thanks a lot.

You might have a dead drive. It will sounds weird but, have you try slowdown your drive using the pins 5-6.

As I say, it sounds weird, but I have seen few of this drives having issues with Windows, only to be recognized after using this pins.

is the drive spinning up?  also, I’d check with your mobo manufacturer to make sure that there is no compatibility issues with the drive.  they should have a compatibility list for your mobo.