Computer recognises 1st but not 2nd external disk

Here goes,

I’ve recently purchased 3  2TB WD Elements external hard disks for use on a PC using Windows 8.

My PC and the 3 Elements external drives are all only a week old.

(PC has 4 ports: 2 USB 3.0 & 2 usb 2.0)

Initially I started transferring files from my old hard disks to the 3 new WD elements one by one until they were at capacity.

After finally completing that process, I plugged all 3 Elements into my PCs usb ports but curiously, only the external drive that was plugged in 1st is recognised.

At first I thought maybe the other 2 disks were faulty, but I found that whichever disk was plugged in 1st would be recognised in the “Computer” tab on the left, while the other two disks would not show up in the “Computer” tab.

Although they do seem to be connected properly to the PC because when I click on “safely remove hardware”, all 3 show up.

Can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem?



It’s a drive signature problem in Windows this explains how to fix


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worked a treat!
thank you