Computer does not see Passport Wireless

I am trying to get my computer to recognize  My Passport wireless without the USB.  .

Using USB it does see it does work.  

Any help would be appreicated.  Thank you

Well, you’ll need to joing your Passport to your home WiFi network, or connect your Wireless PC to the Passport’s WiFi network.

Either way will work – it just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you for responding.  I do not see it in the drop down list of wireless networks…

Dumb question, but is it powered up and the WiFi LED is solid blue?

yes  no question is dumb

The blue light is on

Turn it off and back on.  Is the wireless LED blue in a minute or so?  If so, find the MyPassport wireless signal on your phone or tablet and connect.  Also, download the complete muser manual from WD support.

Thank you for taking the time to help!

sorry for the question, but I am trying to connect the Passport wirless through the WiFi with no success. neither to the phon nor to the pc. I even can enter the My cloud application as it has some other mail address which I don’t kno and I can find the password

I have the same problem as yours and till now I didn’t find the solution !!!

Seems to me there are quite a few of us having this problem. I’d already partitioned the 2T HD device using the cable to connect to LT. I also used the cable to set up the device for the first time. I was happy to go along with calling the device MyPassport and entered my Password. Now when I try to connect with Wi-Fi (both icons blue and no cable) MyPassport is not being recognised in the LT’s Network. The LT’s OS is W10.
The box that the Device was in when I purchased it said that it was compatible with W 8.1 or higher, 7 and Vista. The documentation only illustrates the Networks for Mac and Windows 8 (pg 8). I have yet to see a video using a W10 computer. Matthew Bennion uses a W8/8.1 for his video.
Perhaps someone successfully using this device with W10 might be able to put us on the right track. I know I would be extremely grateful for their help

No one seems to have a clue how to sort this out - not even support. I have 2 laptops, one with W10 the other with W7 plus an android tablet with W10. When they are all switched on they all recognise each other on the network along with the router and 3 in 1 printer. None of them recognise the WD Wireless Passport with both lights lit up solid blue. I have even tried a manual reset.
Western Digital have my money and seem content to ignore the problem.