Computer can not see external drive

I have a My Book Live external hard drive. I have had it for several years. It was originally hooked up to my Vista computer (possibly) or my Windows 7 computer. I now am trying to access it over my Windows 10 computer. My computer can not see the drive either directly connected or through my router. I have also hooked it up to my Windows 7 desktop and it can not see it either. Somehow I can access it though and get to the files on there and even listen to some of the music on it. I am perfectly fine with starting over. There really is nothing so important on it that I just can’t loose. So if I have to reformat the drive that is fine. I just want to be able to access it on my Windows 10 OS. I have tried to install the setup software but it says it can not see the drive.

Sorry, wrong forum. This is for the “My Book LIVE”, which is a network attached storage (NAS).

Try here:

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Can anyone help me to communicate with my WD external hard drive?

Hello Ricky,

Have you tried resetting the unit?

Were you using the drive with a static ip or DHCP?

Also, What’s the model number of your drive so we can confirm the specific drive that you have?

Yes I have tried to reset the unit using a pen and the button on the back of the unit.

I have HughesNet as my Internet provider so it is not a static IP.

I do not see my model number listed

Had this same Windows 10 problem and updated my MyBookLive firmware to the latest version and it fixed the issue.