Computer boots to black screen with white bar that filled up!

Hi, my computer is freezing after booting up…just going to a black screen where the white progress bar fills up and then just stops. I did the hard drive test using the extended scan and it said if fixed all the errors. Also, if I try to boot in Safe Mode, it just stops after loading the drivers, just giving you some scenarios.

Could someone, please, please, assist me to get my computer up and running. This sequence must have happened to a few knowledgeable people. At lease help me diagnose the problem. Can’t seem to figure out what is going on as usually I can get into the computer somehow with my limted computer skills. Sometimes I use ERD Commander but this time, that won’t even work…hmm, well will await your expertise, psongman

I think your drive is faulty, I’ll recommend you to contact WD directly.