Composite AV and HDMI AV signal bad unless HDMI unplugged?


i would like to have my WD connected to 2 different amps and from the posts I have read it all works however when I try it the composite signal is fuzzy and has lines all cover it until I unplug the hdmi.

any fix for this ? I assume as you need to set the video output they never intended you to output to 2 monitors?


I would assume that its something to do with the equipment you are plugging the leads into which is causing interference. Maybe something to do with earth paths.

OK Rich, so it should work then.

HDMI is feeding my Denoin AVR amp which is turned off, the Composite is feeding audio to my Rotel Pre-amp and video directly to my AV input on my Samsung plasma. 

If I unplug the HDMI the picture corrects instantly and you can also select composite in the settings which you can’t when HDMI is plugged in.

So looks more like to me that you can’t run both.