Composite A/V

I have my hdmi connected to my TV and the opitcal cable hooked up to my receiver. I get sound and video with no problem. On my receiver I have zone 2 which has 2 speakers on the outside of my house. Now when you plug in the composite A/V 3.5mm cable to the back of my receiver via the red and white rca cables I am only getting the left speaker to work. I have tried different cables and even switched the red and white around. still only one speaker plays. Anybody run into this problem or do I just have a bad WD TV Live Plus media player.

WHen you switched Red/White did the speaker that works change?

If so, then yes, it could be a bad unit.   How did you try another cable?  Do you have multiple WDs?

IF the speaker did NOT change, then the problem is the AVR.