Complete re-installation of twonky from scratch


Well there are probably 10000 of posts on twonky due to the fact WD wont do the right thing and upgrade the software.

So like many others my Samsung TV didn’t work with Mybook Live.

I tried upgrading it and made big c*** up not being that computerate.

I tried do a factory reset but still no joy.

Is there a way to re-install twonky from scratch by downloading the whole mybook live image with the default installation or something or some layman’s guide.

I’m not impressed to say the least!!



The easiest way to do that would be to re-apply the current firmware

To do that, from the wd web gui, determine you current firmware version

Then download the appropriate version, I have all the know links listed below

Then from the wd gui choose to upgrade firmware from file and select the downloaded file

Here are the links for 2.x firmware files

Here are the links for 1.x firmware files

Note: you cant downgrade using the above method, but you can if you use the following

[GUIDE] Restore/Downgrade firmware via the reset button

I also have an almost noob proof thread on how to upgrade twonky on the wd mbl

over on the twonky community site

How to upgrade Twonky Server on WD MyBook Live

You are a star. You have saved me hours of grief!!!

Much appreciated worked like a charm

your welcome

our pain is your pleasure :wink: