Compiling Media Library Issue

So it seems this feature broke for me and I’m not sure why. 

I noticed this a month ago, but I was too busy to look into it until now.

I have a 3TB Western Digital HD plugged into my SMP. I do not use a network share.

This feature was turned on by default and always compiled my library within a few minutes tops. So far I’ve had it running for up to 10 and it does not build my library.

I’ve tried:

1.) “Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default”

2.) Updating to 1.07 FW

3.) Deleting the .wdtv folder on my HD.

Any other suggestions/advice?

The only reason I care about getting it working is so I can use the ‘get content info’ feature.

Would “Clear Media Library” under “Setup” do anything?

There was a long thread I was reading through a while back on this issue, but it seemed to mostly pertain to people who were trying to use the network share feature…

I would definitely do the “clear library” option.

I use it a lot lately with all the bugs of the last several firmwares.

With firmwares before 1.07 I used it after the box crashed with “fatal error” and doubled all files in a given folder.

With current firmware, I use it after editing xml files to correct TV show numbers so they are sorted correctly.

I also used it once when the box was stuck on “compiling” for more than 10 minutes.

It won’t delete any of your media (hasn’t for me at least)

I have about 180GB of TV shows and using the Clear Library option takes about 2 minutes to "recompile’’ and then about 20-30 minutes of “Getting content” although I’m not sure if it’s actually downloading or just confirming that I already had the meta-data.