Compiling media is to slow

for a proper answer to this they need to allow people into the software or Firmware because there not going to fix it are they you shouldn’t have to wait two hole days to use the dam thing properly I used to love mine but now I’m thinking of getting something else because of this bloody problem what do you guys reckon about this I was told to start a new thread so I am

Well, I have thousands of videos in my media library, and the typical power-on rescan takes only about 30 seconds to 1 minute.   A fresh compile from scratch, last I recall, took about 10-15 minutes.

Is yours COMPILING for two days, or is it “Getting Content Info?”

If it’s compiling for that long, is it having to sift through a bunch of non media files?  

How big is the library you’re trying to scan?  (Number and type of files)

Are you connected via Wired or Wireless?

Do you have a USB disk attached?

first of all I’ve kind of sorted it but clearing media library and re scanning there should be a item in a menu to automatically do it every 60 or 90 days now of course I’ve got 2 usb hard drives hooked up to i might not have thousands but I have got a s*t load of movies in mostly H264.mp4 some xvid or divx however I do have some non media that I don’t know how to hide from the smp I’m connected through WIFY both hard drives are 2TB one of them I just got I am still unsure whether what I did fixed it for good I’ve had slow action from the remote as well because of it

You can hide non-media from the WDTV by moving it all into a hidden folder.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

You can hide non-media from the WDTV by moving it all into a hidden folder.


Explain and Advise what is a “Hidden Folder” and how to create one

4th post down … if anyone wants to know

actually it is here…