Compiling Library

Hi I have a 1TB WD TV Live Hub. I added some files by browsing to the drive via \192.x.x.x and uploaded the files that way. For some reason the devices has not shown that I have added the files. I am currently watching a TV show as it was uploading.  Any ideas how to get the devices to compile the updated changes to the device and it there a easier way to do this as I have a 1TB drive with other videos I want to add to the WD TV Live Hub.

If restarting your hub doesn’t work, you can try moving one file that hub can see to the folder where you copied the files that are not shown using the hub’s interface and restart the hub after. Sometimes when you copy files from the network, the hub can’t detect those files even after compiling so by moving one of the detected files with the other files, the hub can detect those files after compiling.