Compiling issues

I have restarted my Media Live hub 5 times as well as unplugged the hub 5 times in order to see the new content I have uploaded. The problem is after I turn my media hub off for the night in the morning or frankly an hour later, when I turn the hub back on, all the new content is gone and I am back to a content version from a couple of weeks ago. As Is I never added or deleted content. When I do try opening a file that I have previously deleted, it comes up with an error message that content not found. After restarting the hub, the media content looks find, the problem is it goes back to an older version.

Another interesting error I had was that I lost my ability to retrieve info on media. After restarting it works but after it goes back to the older version I described above, I lose that ability again.

I’ve had my hub for a year now so I am pretty familiar with it. but this baffles me.

Westco, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Hi There,

I just recently got my HUB, and its a bit different, as ive had one of the wd devices since the gen 1.

i ran into something in the menu that may help you.  Its Under Setup>Media Library>clear Media Library.  when i did this it basically cleared the cache and re-compiled everything.

Hope that helps

Excellent. That was the solution I was looking for