Compiling Forever?

Does anyone else’s box just never stop compiling? I can leave my box on for days and it will still say compiling and now that the new software came out i get that screen "Media is still being compiled blah blah " and then you can select “I’ll Wait” or “Folder View” – and i have to do that always now… Once in a great while i’ll see it not compiling, so i’m not sure if it just takes days and days and days or what makes it work sometimes and the rest of the time it doesn’t. This issue was happening before i upgraded also so it’s not a firmware problem.

I do have ALOT of files and ALOT OF LARGE Files on my drives. I have the 1tb filled within a few 100mb of being empty

I also have a 2TB Drive with 200GB Free

and a 2.5 TB Drive with only about 1GB Free

Do you think it’s just taking multiple days to compile fully because of the large amount of files across multiple drives?


I have over 17000 photos :slight_smile:

here is nice video about compilling
And so you code