Compatible with HP TOUCHPAD TABLET PC?

I recently purchased a 1TB My passport essential 3.0 usb, and was thinking about connecting it directly to the new HP touchpad I recieved. I was wondering if anyone has resources showing thier compatability, or lack there of?

If so, are there any reliable USB female-MicroUsb adapters WITHOUT extention cables that you are aware of?

Since the Hp Touchpads memory is non expandable, it would be great to be able to hook the passport drive up, and play my movies right from the passport.

Any help would be awesome, thanks!


Unless the Touchpad can supply the physical power the drive needs (Even some laptops can’t give enough power to feed Passports) and install the drivers then it’s not going to work, no matter what you do. 

If you visit the webOSnation site, there are links there which will direct you to using a USB drive with your Touchpad.

Alternatively, if you download Kalem media app, then you can play movies on your touchpad directly from your laptop/pc.