Compatible wireless cameras

Is the Canon 70D with wireless compatible with My Passport Wireless drives?

The WD Passport Wireless is not “compatible” with any camera per se, but rather a camera’s SD card. Wireless access by means of other devices (Like a wireless camera) is possible as long as they have the ability to directly navigate through network shares.


The Canon 70D is compatible with the MPW wireless but doesn’t use FTP to transfer photos to the MPW. The Canon 70D, like many other cameras, only Wi-Fi to connect to a Smartphone or computer running an application to remotely control the camera. The MPW only provides the ‘wire’ to connect between devices.

Only cameras that support the very expensive Nikon WT and Canon WFT Wireless File Transmitters, use FTP, supported on the MPW, to transfer photos directly to the MPW. 

Of course, you can always use the SD Card Copy or Move onto the MPW HDD. It is not very fast (compared to my USB 3 SD Card Reader I use) but it does work well. 


Just an update: I got my wireless adapter for my Nikon V2 mirrorless (using Nikon WU-1B). It works just like the GoPro Hero3/3+ cameras that don’t use any existing wireless network, they just provide one themselves. You then directly connect, with your smartphone, to the camera and remote control it. They don’t use the MPW Wi-Fi for connections.