Compatible M.2 PCIe adapter for iMac with SN770 NVMe

Last August I upgraded my 2019 iMac PCIe/NVMe with a WD Black SN770

For PCIe slot I used a Sintech 2280 adapter with the SN770 and added a heatsink.

Flawless performance until last week when a Kernal Panic eclipsed operations. It was pointed out to me that WD advise Sintech adapters are incompatible with the SN770.

*My question to Users is, which brand adapter are you using with your SN770?

Hi @tfgd ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I have already opened a support case which has gone unanswered to date.

Incident Confirmation
Incident #: 231212-001997

I would appreciate a considered response thank you.

Thank you for your assistance Keerti.

As you see below I have opened a Support Case which has to date not been answered.
I would be grateful for a considered reply.

Best Wishes,

Incident Confirmation

Incident #: 231212-001997

Incident #: 231213-004562, 13/12/2023
Incident #: 231212-001997, 12/12/2023
I understand you are a member of WD staff Keerti-01.
If so I would appreciate your assistance in asking WD support to please be helpful and answer my question which has been ignored for seven days.
Many Thanks,