Compatibility with other audio and video devices

currently i have 2 issues that i would like to consult with someone.

1-i have a livebox tv device from Orange internet provider in France. And I am unable to see the Mybook live device on the tv box in order to play movies, see photos etc.  
All is connected to the router via network cables and udnp is enabled on the router
could you please let me know if there is anything else i should do?  any other additional settings? Is WD compatible with Orange TV box
(please dont tell me that i should ask in Orange :))

2-i am about to purchase an audio device. What i would like is that the device can play music directly from the NAS  (connected to the same router of course via cables), without the usage of computer.
Now based on the wrong experience with the tvbox i would like to ask you to tell me which devices are 100% compatible with WD mybook live.

i would like to purchase this one for example:
YAMAHA RX-V575 Titane
PIONEER VSX-528-S Argent
Its really important to have the compatility guarranteed as the audio device costs around 400 euros

if non of these is compatible, please advice what to purchase so i can play my music located on NAS server on audio device without using pc.

Thanks a lot


I recommend you to check the compatibility details for the equipment you plan to purchase, the My Book Live should be compatible with all devices that support CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, AFP and DLNA access.