Compatibility with macbook pro

I’ve been wanting to improve my macbook’a storage and I’d like to know if WD Blue 1TB (WDS100T2B0B) is compatible. If it’s not, what other WD SSD can I use? It’s an A1398

macbooks have proprietary slot ,looks like a M.2 but it’s not(different pin config)
the only one I seen are made by OFC
they specialize in Mac drives

did you manage to get it working?
I got the adapter that allows you to use a regular M.2 drive with this Macbook Pro, but apparently not all drives are compatible.
my Hynix drive from XPS 9550 wasn’t recognized. I’ve read on some forums the WD Black drives work, but looking for success confirmations from someone who’s got it working before going ahead and buying a drive.