Compatibility with Hikvision NVR

I would like to buy 2* WD Purple 4 Tb each for my Hikvision NVR model DS-7616NI-SE/N.
Are the HDDs compatible with this particular model?
Regarding the NVR’s description, it supports 2* SATA HDDs up to 4 Tb each, but i want to be sure before ordering.

Does anyone know about the compatibility with Hikvision NVRs?

Hi, you can check the compatibility list to see what models have been tested.

I can’t find my model there. There are listed only chinease models from the series 7600.

My model is DS-7616NI-SE/N, but in the compatibility list you gave me i can find only DS-7600H-ST, DS-7600N-SP and DS-7600N-ST, that are versions made for chinease market.

I want to be sure they are compatible with my particular model.

Hello I had the same issue. So I emailed hikvision support ant got this response. I have ordered two of these drives. My nvr should arrive next week. Hope this helps…
Dear sir,
You can choose the WD HDD model as WD40PURX-64GVNY0, the capacity is 4TB. This model has been under test in our lab and it will be proper for you.
Anyway, if you’d like choose other brands, like Seagate, the model of ST4000VM000 will be available.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact with us.