Compatibility question

where can I get a current list of available themes with information about the firmware compatibility?


“Subject: compatibility issues”   is misleading … Recommend “compatibility list , or question




The hub firmware version you choose to run will depend a great deal on the things you want to do with your media player and theme compatibility will be MUCH LESS of an issue, in my experience.

Example - I am using the latest hub FW with MOJO 1.12.01 (MS) and my movies display all my movie info just fine.  If I wanted to use music at all I would probably need to be on a much lower FW version.  A lot of the users are running 2.07.17 firmware and have found lots of “un-acceptable issues” running anything in the version 3.x releases.

Best to try different ones and see what you like best.  And this is just part of the fun (in my opinion) – getting to change things all the time will lead to your best options.


you’re probably right, I will get to work :slight_smile: