Compatibility of enterpise harddisk with a normal PC

Anyone knows whether a enterpise grade hd is compatible with a normal PC?

Of course, as long as the interface is compatible with your PC (such as SATA instead of SAS)

I have an RE4 enterprise SATA drive in my PC, and it works fine.

However, though it will work fine, it’s still not recommended for desktop applications.  And the reason for that is TLER.  Sometimes, it’s a good thing for your system to take the time it needs for error recovery.  And if you don’t give it more than 7 seconds, then you could have file corruption or system issues if you run into bad sectors.

I’m probably showing my ignorance, but wouldn’t the OS handle read errors in the same way, whether they were reported after 7 seconds or 107 seconds??? Would TLER alter or introduce a risk of undetected file or file system corruption?