Communication error 5657

I have been trying to upgrade the firmware of MyBookLive to the latest version from 01.03.03. I tried the automatic route and got an error code 5657, so then I tried the manual route having downloaded apnc-021109-053-20120413.deb to my C drive. I get the status importing file and then 10 minutes later or so the error code 5657. Since I have a firewall blocking unauthorised outgoing messages, I assumed that would be the cause and, after trying the usual techniques for a new piece of software trying to access the internet, eventually switched the firewall off completely, but no change. All other conditions mentioned in the knowledge base on 5657 are OK, so any other ideas would be welcome. I’m running Windows 7 Pro (32 bit) with 4GB RAM and Sophos anti-virus and firewall through a Netgear Rangemax modem/router running MyBookLive on a 100Mb link. Many thanks

trying finding the very last of the 01. firmwares and update to that first.  I remember that you had to update to that first, before you could jump over to 02.

Hi, in this case you might want to do a factory restore and then try again to update the firmware.