Code added to the file extensions


I am new to WD Passport backup. I noticed that most of my files have either a code or _LAST added to the extension of my file names ex. .pdf578afcf0 or .jpeg_LAST.
Could someone tell me if this is normal. Naturally, I cannot see the content of any of the files as the type of file is not being recognized.


Were those files backed up with the WD Smartware? or manually added to the drive?

I have the same problem, after 6 months of routinely automatically backing up on a windows 10 desktop and transferring files back and forth to a windows 10 laptop those same codes were just added to files that I can’t open now. I can manually add files to the passport ultra no problem. what has happened?


I did use the WDsotware to do the backup. Yesterday, I called support and I
was told that the codes were added at the time of the backup to know where
the files should go on the computer should I need to restore the files on
my computer.

I am hoping that the information given to me is correct.

Yes, I have used the software provided by WD. Has it happened to you? Do you have such codes attached to your file extensions?

The tech support at WD told me that it was normal. He told me that should I have to restore, these added codes would be used to put the files in their right place on my computer and that these codes would be stripped.