Code Access

Can some please explain what this code access is about.

I tought it would be a great idea if the devices you connect using this code would not require a sign in anymore etc. Kind of like you have with a Wifi router and the connect button.

But that doest seem to be the way this is working.

  1. I connected one device with the code but it worked one time then it asked me again for another code or the login via my email and password.

  2. it seems even the code works and grants access this is only for a limited time.

So i am back to my first question, what is this code all about?

Just for a guest to have a limited one time access capablity to the personal cloud?

appreciate your explanations.



You only need to create and enter the code once. Check the link to review the steps.

How to remotely access a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive

See the User Manual


and click on Accessing Your Cloud Remotely.